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Here at TLC Property Management Corp. we offer owners

our Management Services to include:

Tenant Placement - showings of available apartments and/or houses currently vacant or soon to be vacant. Advertising of properties online through our website and other various local websites. Credit checks, references of previous landlords, and employment verification.

Maintenance Service - there is 24 hour emergency on-call service available, lease turnover preparation for incoming tenants, lawn care, snow removal, repairs, and weekly inspections of properties.

Bookkeeping Services - this is a full range service that covers billing and collecting of tenant rents and deposits, payment of owner expenses to include taxes, utilities, mortgage, etc. Monthly financial statements to include income & expenses, detailed maintenance expenses, and delinquent rents - if applicable.

Management Fees - the commission fee for rentals is 3% of the Gross Value of a signed lease. The fee for management services is a set monthly fee based on the type of property. This fee includes all of the office, bookkeeping and tenant placement services outlined above. The only exception is advertising done specifically for the property, and these would be charged to the client. There are no additional charges for ordinary postage, phone calls and ordinary copying services provided in the normal course of business. Charges for certified or overnight mailings are billed at our cost. Any legal services required to deal with tenant related matters (i.e. evictions or breaches of contract) would be taken care of by the legal representatives for TLC Property Management Corp. and would be paid for by the client.

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